The Reality of an Entrepreneur

Who doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur nowadays?

Whether you want to attack entrepreneurship full-time or start a side hustle part-time, there’s a lot of money to be made in the digital world, but you need to have reasonable expectations.

Almost every business owner quickly becomes aware of the reality of an entrepreneur.

Tips for Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

Here are some tips that will help you deal with the bad days as an entrepreneur.

Dealing With Bad Days: It’s a reality that there will be hard days you need to overcome as an entrepreneur. You need to power through these days and remain focused on your end goals.

An entrepreneur in the digital age often works alone most days and that can be tough on people. Try to become a part of some online groups with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Tips for Succeeding as an Entrepreneur
  1. Be Patient: Depending upon the type of business you decide to launch online, revenues may be slow initially. You need to remain patient and remain focused on offering value.

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Many countries are legalizing online gambling. If you have some clients ready to start betting, you could be making money by becoming an online bookie if you enjoy sports.

  • Learn From Mistakes: You’re going to make mistakes as an entrepreneur, but the key is that you learn from them in order to prevent you from making the same mistakes again.

The more you research and study about your industry, the less likely you’ll make mistakes. Having a community you can reach out to for assistance is also one way to prevent a lot of mistakes.

  • Be Frugal: You don’t need the latest gadgets and tools when you’re just starting a business online. There are many free tools with great capabilities that you can utilize first.

The more you spend pre-revenue, the more you need to earn to break even. You want to be frugal when you start out and then utilize company revenues to expand where necessary.

  • Build a Team: Some entrepreneurs prefer working alone and doing everything themselves to their standards. That’s great, but it’s not realistic as your business grows.

If you have some success as an entrepreneur, you’re eventually going to need to grow your team to ensure everything is getting done. Don’t be scared to hire some help once you have the budget.

Develop a Business Plan

While there are some things to watch out for as an entrepreneur, there are also a lot of benefits, such as being able to work from anywhere in the world. It’s just important to be realistic.

Your next step should be developing a thorough business plan and then get started. The road to making a lot of money can be long, but it’s very fulfilling.

Billions are made online annually in hundreds of niches. You don’t need to choose what everyone else is doing online. Think about the hobby you like the most and build a business around that.

Visiting Douglas at Carara Mountains

Ok, so the trip from Santa Ana to the Carara area came without a hitch! I met Douglas at one of his properties in Costa Rica and he will now take me to visit his friend who works in Real Estate. This is because I have to say that the area is very nice and I am thinking about buying some properties in that area.

Saying Douglas know the Carara Mountain community is a Grosse understatement. This is because he has been living there as a dentist for over 30 years and has never looked back after giving up is practice in MA.

As soon as I got to his house, I was surprised at how many animals I could see from there. At my house in Santa Ana, I am lucky to see a few birds a day. Over there, I have seen more animals then I see in a month at my house.

Douglas Shows me the Real Costa Rica

A few hours after getting there, Douglas Shows me the Real Costa Rica that all expats dream of seeing. This is because when I chose to move to this place, I was expecting to wake up to the sound of wild animals and a million dollar ocean view of the beach.

Well, can’t see the beach from where I live but here is a totally different story. from his backyard I can see the ocean, the jungle and much more. His caretaker James was kind enough to show me around the area and I was astonished by its natural beauty. Now I am really thinking about visting a real estate broker and buying a home in Carara.

Cruz to Carara Mountain by Raymond

Taking a Cruz to Carara Mountain!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Today, I thought it would be nice tom visit Carara National Park in Costa Rica as I have not been there in a while. It is a very short drive from San Jose. About 40 minutes depending on how you drive.

Overall, the drive is nice and relaxing and I will be meeting my friend Doug who lives in the area. However, with the holiday season, there is a lot of traffic going through the mountains.

I will keep you updated on my drive once I arrive

Living the Dream in Costa Rica,

Raymond James