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Raymond James

My name is Raymond James and I am an expat living in Costa Rica.  I began my Raymond James in Costa Rica to share my experiences living in this beautiful country.

My goal is to share the good and the bad of living in Costa Rica to help out my fellow expats who are living or considering living in beautiful Costa Rica.

I am always willing to chat with other people that are interested in visiting or living in Costa Rica!

Raymond James Costa Rica Real Estate and More!

To Keep myself busy, I do a lot of bird watching, traveling and even dabble in Costa Rica Real Estate on the side.  However, that just means that I invest in real estate once in a while.

My real job is in the construction business but that is not who I am as this is only my job. I am actually a jack of all trades from travelling the world, to sports, writing and birding. In fact, I got my first job in Costa Rica that lives in the Carara Ocean view resort community in tropical Costa Rica!

The Reality of an Entrepreneur

Who doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur nowadays? Whether you want to attack entrepreneurship full-time or start a side hustle part-time, there’s a lot of money to be made in the digital world, but you need to have reasonable expectations. Almost every business owner quickly becomes aware of the reality of an entrepreneur. Tips for…

Visiting Douglas at Carara Mountains

Ok, so the trip from Santa Ana to the Carara area came without a hitch! I met Douglas at one of his properties in Costa Rica and he will now take me to visit his friend who works in Real Estate. This is because I have to say that the area is very nice and…

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