Visiting Douglas at Carara Mountains

Ok, so the trip from Santa Ana to the Carara area came without a hitch! I met Douglas at one of his properties in Costa Rica and he will now take me to visit his friend who works in Real Estate. This is because I have to say that the area is very nice and I am thinking about buying some properties in that area.

Saying Douglas know the Carara Mountain community is a Grosse understatement. This is because he has been living there as a dentist for over 30 years and has never looked back after giving up is practice in MA.

As soon as I got to his house, I was surprised at how many animals I could see from there. At my house in Santa Ana, I am lucky to see a few birds a day. Over there, I have seen more animals then I see in a month at my house.

Douglas Shows me the Real Costa Rica

A few hours after getting there, Douglas Shows me the Real Costa Rica that all expats dream of seeing. This is because when I chose to move to this place, I was expecting to wake up to the sound of wild animals and a million dollar ocean view of the beach.

Well, can’t see the beach from where I live but here is a totally different story. from his backyard I can see the ocean, the jungle and much more. His caretaker James was kind enough to show me around the area and I was astonished by its natural beauty. Now I am really thinking about visting a real estate broker and buying a home in Carara.

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